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Testimonials - See what our patients say!

- Dr. Jenny Tai -

- Dr. Ted Ling -

"Dr. Tai was held in high regard by her colleagues and professors. Everyone had respect for her talents. I witnessed this on each of my visits. I am so happy and grateful that my work is completed, My teeth look beautiful and my bite is perfect. Most of all, I am so grateful to Dr. Tai who worked with such patience, kindness and professionalism."

- Ms. M. Early -

“During all of my visits with Dr. Ted, I saw first­hand how deeply he cares about his patients. He sensed my nervousness about my treatment, yet he always remained calm, clear, and concise. He carefully explained different treatment options and thoroughly reviewed potential problems, costs, and outcomes. He never pushed me into treatment that I wasn’t comfortable with; instead, he would gently guide me so that I could make informed decisions. ”

- Miss. H. Starner -

"It soon became very obvious to me that Dr. Tai is not only well liked, but is highly respected by everyone who interacts with her, including myself as her patient.  This is because Dr. Tai is confident in herself which is most apparent as she rises to the challenges of difficult surgical procedures.  I am proof of the results of her unique surgical skills.   Dr. Tai is sharply focused and alert to the most miniscule detail and it is very obvious to me that she possesses a high level of intelligence and skill."  

- Mr. J. Shannon -

“Dr. Ling performed multiple implant surgeries on me, including bone and gum grafting. I was truly amazed at his skills and how well and quickly my mouth healed to perfection. My unusually small mouth never felt crowded by or ripped apart by Dr. Ling’s hands (as it has by previous doctors). It’s very rare to find a doctor who has such a magnificent combination of intellectual brilliance, skilled surgical hands AND a chair-side manner such as his. He instills a sense of peace in his patients with his calm, pleasant demeanor and his willingness to listen and patiently respond to people’s needs and concerns. ”

- Ms. E. Sizer -

"I benefited not only from dr. Tai's professional skills but also from her very compassionate and warm personality that is well above any dentist kind demeanor. My take as a patient of many dentists is that she is always humble, loves her work and put a lot of effort to be among the best in the industry. I benefited from her dedication and love of people and in my opinion she has earned qualifications to be included into the first tier of dental specialists."

- Mr. J. Krzyspiak -

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