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Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening


Dallas, DFW, Coppell periodontist, Gum disease, Crown lengthening, Dr. Ted Ling, Dr. Jenny Tai

Note the four front teeth are short and the gum lines of them are too low. 


Dallas, DFW, Coppell periodontist, Gum disease, Crown Lengthening, Dr. Ted Ling, Dr. Jenny Tai

After a crown lengthening procedure, teeth now are with better proportion and the gum line are at ideal level.

What is crown lengthening?

crown lengthening is a procedure that adjusts the gum and bone level to expose more of your tooth,extend the height or size of the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line for esthetic or restorative purpose. 

Crown lengthening for esthetic purpose - Correct gummy smile

Some people have "gummy" smile because the teeth appear short. The teeth may actually be the proper length but excess gum tissue may be covering these teeth. Comprehensive evaluation should be done first to evaluate what’s the best proportion of the teeth that fits you and what’s the real teeth length which includes the portion covering by your gum. Then we can design how much gum and bone to be removed and reshaped to expose ideal portion of your teeth in order to give you a beautiful smile. 

Crown lengthening for restorative purpose - to expose more natural tooth structure for fillings or dental crowns.

When you receive a crown, you want it to look natural and aesthetically pleasing: a seamless addition to a beautiful smile. You also want the crown to last a long time. Crown lengthening may be necessary for your doctor to accomplish these goals.


When a tooth is shorter or smaller, there is less surface area for the crown to adhere to the tooth. Uneven or decayed teeth present similar challenges. To create a more accessible mounting that will fit your new crown better, to help you maintain more easily, crown lengthening sometimes is necessary. The closer the fit between the existing tooth and the crown, the stronger the bond they can form. This results in a more durable outcome for fillings and dental crowns


If you have gummy smile or you have any questions about crown lengthening procedure, 

Contact our periodontists Dr. Ling and Dr. Tai for any questions you may have!

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Individual treatment options and results may vary.

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